Tenant panel visits Accord's head office and factory

11 October 2019

Tenant panel visits Accord's head office and factory

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11 October, 2019

A leading West Midlands housing association opened its doors to its tenants, giving them the chance to engage with staff and get a better understanding of what the organisation has to offer.

Accord Housing Association invited 12 tenants to its West Bromwich offices earlier last month, where they were given a tour of the offices, as well as a tour of Accord’s new LoCaL Homes factory in Walsall.

The visits were held following feedback from the Tenant Scrutiny Panel, where they said they would like to get a better understanding of what Accord does. They were also part of Accord’s ongoing tenant engagement, which is part of the Together With Tenants campaign.

Together With Tenants was launched in February by the National Housing Federation and aims to build better relationships between tenants and housing associations, as well as giving residents a strong role in scrutinising their landlord.

Phil Glover, Accord tenant and member of the Tenant Scrutiny Panel, said: “We had a good day looking around the LoCaL Homes factory – we came with some preconceived ideas, but by the end of the tour, we had completely changed our minds.

“Well done everyone involved in creating these homes; Accord should be very proud of what they have achieved.”

Sara Woodall, Executive Directors of Homes and Communities at Accord added: “It was a real pleasure to have some of our tenants visit us September, where they heard from a number of our senior managers about what makes our organisation tick.

“We had some great feedback from the group, which we will take into consideration, and I hope they found it as informative as we did.”

If you would like to join the panel please email Info.CD@accordgroup.org.uk for more information.

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