Accord celebrates centenary at AGM

2 October 2019

Accord celebrates centenary at AGM

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02 October, 2019

Leading West Midlands housing association Accord, celebrated two milestones at its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The event was full of celebrations, as Accord marked 60 years of Fry Housing Trust, now Fry Accord, and 40 years of Birmingham Co-operative Housing Services, now bchs Accord.

Chris Handy, Chief Executive of Accord said: “Our AGM is always a fantastic evening, held at the wonderful Black Country Living Museum, where we get to showcase Accord’s achievements from the past year and discuss our plans for the future. This year’s event was particularly special as we celebrated two key anniversaries; 40 years of bchs Accord, and an incredible 60 years of Fry Accord.

“It was a pleasure to welcome Social Historian, Dr Anne Logan, as our guest speaker; she spoke passionately about Margery Fry who pioneered, radically for her time, the view that prisoners should be rehabilitated as well as punished and that they should be supported when released from prison in order to help them to live honest lives.

“Fry was set up as a memorial trust to Margery Fry and became part of Accord Housing Association eight years ago. We are incredibly proud that we are able to carry on the important work in the spirit of Margery, resettling offenders and supporting them not to reoffend.”

Bchs Accord is a housing co-operative, which is a membership organisation where each tenant pays a one-off fee of £1 to become a member of the co-op. Each member then has an equal say and vote and is active in the management of their homes – making all the decisions about how their homes are run.

Chris Handy added: “For 40 years bchs has worked to bring people together where there have been divisions and helped, supported and trained people to be community champions with skills and unrelenting commitment and passion for the cause of social cooperation.”

Guests were also given the opportunity to meet Accord staff during the expo, where they were able to learn about other areas of the organisation. For more information on Fry Accord visit: or for information on bchs Accord visit:

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