Matrix Partnership announces WM Housing as new member

25 June 2019

Matrix Partnership announces WM Housing as new member

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25 June, 2019

WM Housing has joined the Matrix Housing Partnership. Matrix is a partnership of Midlands based housing associations primarily delivering new housing supply.

Since its creation, 16 years ago, Matrix Housing Partnership has delivered around £1billion of new affordable housing across the Midlands region.

Chris Handy, Chief Executive at Accord Housing Association, the lead partner of Matrix, said: “We are delighted to announce that WM Housing has joined the Matrix Partnership, which has committed to build over 3,700 additional new affordable homes by March 2022.

“Strong, close partnership working is key to us being successful in delivering the new homes required and meeting the needs of our customers living in affordable housing. WM Housing will significantly strengthen the Matrix Partnership, enabling us to provide the much needed affordable housing to people across the Midlands and beyond. Collectively, the nine members of the Matrix Housing Partnership own and manage 100,000 homes. ”

Kevin Rodgers, Chief Executive at WM Housing, which will become Citizen later this year, said: “Joining Matrix Housing Partnership makes absolute sense after us agreeing a deal to deliver 680 homes earlier this year as part of Accord’s strategic partnership with Homes England.

“We are delighted to officially join the Matrix Housing Partnership so that we can work even more closely with organisations we already have great relationships with in our region.”

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