Statement regarding fire safety

16 June 2017

Statement regarding fire safety

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We have all undoubtedly been hugely affected by the terrible fire in London this week and our thoughts are with all those affected.  There will of course be more information over the coming days and weeks and it’s important that the focus on health and safety in housing is maintained. 

Although Accord does not own or manage any high-rise tower blocks, all of our properties are inspected as required to ensure they meet fire safety standards.  Accord carries out regular fire risk assessments (FRAs) to properties in accordance with all relevant fire safety regulations and its statutory duty as a landlord.  Furthermore, all works carried out to buildings are checked during and after completion of the works.  Accord only uses approved contractors who are tested for health and safety compliance and all materials that are used conform to current British Standards.

We feel it is important to remind our customers to make sure you are aware of the fire procedure where you live and know what to do in the event of a fire.  West Midlands Fire Service also have some really helpful information about fire prevention on their website at and will visit homes to carry out free fire safety checks – call the Safe & Well number on 0800 389 5525 to request a visit.

If you have any concerns about fire safety or anything else please do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact Page, by phone on 0300 111 7000 or speak to your Housing Officer or Scheme Manager.

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