Honour Killing Memorial Day partnership

12 July 2016

Honour Killing Memorial Day partnership

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The second Memorial Day for victims of so-called honour killings is taking place on Thursday.

It marks what would have been the 30th birthday of Shafilea Ahmed, who was killed by her parents when she was 17 after suffering years of "honour-based" violence.

To respectfully mark the occasion, the Accord Group and Black Country Housing Group are coming together to screen the award-winning film Land, Gold, Women. The film, directed by Avantika Hari, highlights some of the complex, cultural and familial issues relating to honour based violence. The title of the film references the three elements in which tribal honour is preserved - land, gold and women.

The sold-out event will take place on Thursday, 14th July from 9.30am – 1.30pm at the Blackheath Library, and the screening of the hard-hitting film will be followed by an interactive workshop. The film was made in conjunction and consultation with the Accord Group’s Ashrammoseley Board, colleagues and women who were being supported in their domestic abuse services.

Sahdaish Pall, Domestic Violence Service Manager at the Accord Group, said:

“We hope the event will not only raise awareness of these types of crime but also signpost to the many services we deliver in-house at Accord Group for victims.”

Surie Patel from Black Country Housing Group, added:

“Working together with the Accord Group to make this event happen is a great opportunity to raise awareness about the issue of honour based violence and the scale of the problem in Britain today. We’re committed to combating this issue and offering support services to victims”

Due to the demand for tickets to the already sold-out screening, another event will be organised this summer. If you would like to register your interest, please email Surie Patel onsurie.patel@bchg.co.uk

More than 11,000 cases of so-called honour crime were recorded by UK police forces from 2010-14 figures published towards the end of 2015 show.

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