Repairs and maintenance work updates

Repairs and maintenance work updates
Update on storm damage repairs - February 2022

We’re still receiving high levels of calls reporting repairs following the storms over recent days. Our teams are busy responding to these repairs as quickly as possible and, in accordance with our policy, we are prioritising these based on urgency and risk.

When you report the repair, the first thing we will do is determine if it is an emergency. An emergency is where there is a risk of serious injury, a major health hazard, or a risk of extensive damage to property. 

We will make emergency repairs safe within 24 hours from the repair being reported.

Non-emergency repair work will be completed within 28 calendar days from the repair being reported.

If you are reporting damage to fencing, this would only be classed as an emergency if it is affecting a public or communal path, in which case we will clear the debris and barrier off the area to make it safe and secure.

For roof damage, we will attend within 24 hours to assess the damage, make the area safe, and carry out a temporary repair if required.

You can report all repairs in the usual way by emailing us or calling 0300 111 7000.

We know that delivering a good repair service is important to our customers, and we are committed to continuing to invest in your home. Our corporate strategy sets out plans to improve the quality of our homes over the next five years.

In the meantime, we are focused on making sure your home is safe and secure, and completing repairs that are reported to us as effectively as possible. Over the past few months, there has been a large increase in the number of repair and maintenance jobs being reported, and we are now receiving approximately 25% more routine repair requests than we have in previous years.

We are trying to meet the increased demand as best we can with the resources available, whilst overcoming additional challenges presented by the pandemic, such as the availability of supplies, staff sickness, and Covid-secure measures.

We want to make sure our maintenance teams can deliver the routine repairs service effectively, so we are making some changes. These changes will increase the availability of appointment slots when you need them and help us focus on the repairs that most affect you in your home. This is especially important at this time of year when we spend more time indoors.

What changes are we making?

From now, we will prioritise repairs that impact the function of your home over those which affect the appearance. This means that some repairs will be postponed until the spring.

The types of works we are postponing include:

  • render repairs;
  • replacement of double-glazed windows that have misted up; and
  • some external work to gardens.

For some, this means we will be postponing certain works until spring 2022. Whilst this may disappoint a few, we have made the decision so that we can continue to offer repairs in a timely manner to all customers.

If you contact us to request a new repair, our customer service officers will confirm whether your repair can be completed now, or whether it will be delayed until the spring.

The repairs we consider a priority this winter include:

  • plumbing;
  • heating (including boilers);
  • electrical; and
  • general remedial works in the home.

Please be assured emergency repairs and safety work will continue to be fast-tracked as a high priority.

Please note that even routine repairs that affect the function of your home may take a little longer than our usual 28 days over the Christmas period due to the availability of resources, contractors, materials, and supplies.

Although we acknowledge the appearance of your home is important, we hope you will understand why we have made this decision and work with us to ensure we can help as many customers as we can over this winter period. With so many repairs being reported, we need to make sure our teams continue to complete the repairs which keep you and your homes safe and secure.

You don’t need to contact us to find out if an existing repair you have raised is going to be delayed. We will write to all customers whose repairs will be postponed as a result of this change.

In spring 2022, we will start a new programme to carry out planned works to homes.

We will share more updates in the new year.