Co-op housing application now open in the Handsworth, Lozells, Aston and West Bromwich areas. Download the Co-op housing application form here and email back to

Throughout our history, we have developed innovative and new solutions to help people apply co-operative principles to resolve housing issues.

We are the country's leading provider of tenant designed and planned housing. We understand how to work with communities to give them real control power and ownership in both the development and management of their own homes. We are committed to delivering the very best and highest quality new affordable co-operative housing.

We do this by involving our residents in the design of their new homes and by empowering potential residents to personalise their future home. As the leading provider of new co-operative housing, we have the technical skills, the financial appraisal systems and the expertise to empower and you or your co-operative in the development process.

We are a top quartile performer on a range of housing management indicators. We have the latest health and safety management systems in place and we achieve unprecedented satisfaction levels from members of Co-operatives using our services.

Frequently Asked Questions about co-operatives

What is a co-operative?
A co-operative is a membership organisation. To be housed by us you need to be a member of the co-operative, for which there is a one-off £1 joining fee. The co-operative requires its members to be active in the management of their homes. The minimum requirement is attending a regular monthly meeting. As only you and your neighbours are members of the co-operative, you make all the decisions about how your home is run. The co-operative is a democratic organisation and every member has an equal say and vote.>

How much is the rent and do I have the same tenancy conditions as with other landlords?
Our rents are regulated by the government and are broadly similar to the council’s. Each year, members of the co-operative have to approve any rent increase. Members have broadly similar tenancy rights as council tenants but there are some differences. For example, as you own the co-operative that manages your home, you do not have a personal right to buy. You also have greater security of tenancy because only the co-operative can grant and end tenancies.

How do I apply for a co-operative home?
Our waiting list for Co-operative housing is currently open in the Handsworth, Lozells, Aston and West Bromwich areas. Please note, currently we cannot accept waiting list applications for any of the other areas listed on the application form. Currently we can only accept applications online and applicants have 21 days to complete and submit their online application. Applicants must also read all of the information about Co-operative housing on the website before applying as we can only accept applications from people in housing need who have an understanding of Co-operative Housing.

Due to high levels of demand for social housing there is no guarantee that we can house you or estimate how long you will remain on our waiting list. We therefore suggest that you make applications to the Council / Local Authority (Choice Based Lettings) and other housing providers. Furthermore, if you are homeless you should make a homelessness application to Birmingham City Council as we cannot offer immediate accommodation.

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