Opportunities to get involved

Opportunities to get involved
We have a range of engagement opportunities for you to consider. Our opportunities are flexible in approach and can fit around your schedule and availability.

Resident groups

The Engagement Team support Resident Groups both to set up and develop – we aim not to lead but to enable and empower residents and work together to improve neighbourhoods. If you are interested in starting a resident's group please email us or call Paramjeet on 07436 170176.

Community Awards

Our Community Awards are small grants of between £50 - £250 available to community groups.

To qualify, your group or project must be based in an area where we manage homes, and our customers must be able to benefit from the project. You must demonstrate that the project will benefit the local community and provide opportunities/activities for local people.

A panel of customer volunteers and Accord staff are responsible for reviewing award applications and issuing grants. We are looking for applications that:

  • Improve opportunities for local people
  • Result in stronger and more engaged communities
  • Support those in the community who may be isolated and/or vulnerable.

Please note you will need to tell us exactly what you plan to spend the money on and provide receipts where necessary.

For details of how to apply for an award please email us.

Community Champions

We have many residents who create a positive impact in their communities. By reporting issues to the relevant authority or business our Community Champions help to ensure that local issues are resolved. These positive actions help to create stronger, more welcoming communities. We support our Community Champions by ensuring they have the right information on who to report problems to and by working with them to monitor and resolve local issues. To volunteer as a Community Champion please email us.

Get in touch

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities or going onto our communication database where we can reach out to you when something relevant is happening, please email us or telephone Peter Helly on 07702 554437 for an informal chat.